Holds an array of waypoints used for path-finding, updating car settings, and triggering events.

Scene View Commands

Shift + Left Click

In scene view on a Collider to add new points to the route.

Shift + Ctrl + Left Click

In scene view on a Collider to insert new points to the route.

Shift + Right Cllick

In scene view on a Collider to add a Yield Trigger to the route.

Inspector Buttons

Reverse Waypoints

Reverses all waypoints in the route's waypointDataList.

Align Waypoints

Aligns the rotation of all waypoints to face toward the next point.

Setup Random Spawn Points

First removes all spawn points, then randomly adds new spawn points.

Remove All Spawn Points

Removes all spawn points from the route.



Array of vehicles types that are allowed to spawn and merge onto this route.


List of waypoints in the route that cars will use for path-finding.


AITrafficController trafficPrefabs array will populate spawnTrafficVehicles array.


Array of traffic car prefabs instantiated to the route on startup.


Amount of cars to spawn.


Startup traffic will use spawn points, instead of incrementally spawning every other waypoint.


Amount of cars allowed on the route by startup and pooling spawners.


Controlled by the route's AITrafficWaypointRouteInfo script and traffic lights; determines if cars can exit the route.


Reference to the route's AITrafficWaypointRouteInfo script.

Public Methods

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