Quick Start Guide

This is a written quick start guide detailing the minimal steps to get started. For more detailed instructions, please view the Video Tutorials. It's strongly recommended to go through all video tutorials to gain insight into how the available systems and tools should be used.

The following video will guide you through the asset import/setup process, additional information about project setup can be found on the Project Setup page.

This asset uses AI Traffic Waypoint Routes, which are made of AI Traffic Waypoints; these routes spawn AI Traffic Car prefabs on scene start, which get registered to an AI Traffic Controller. The idea is to create multiple routes with waypoints, and link them together to create a road network, then add AI Traffic Light Managers to sequence groups of AI Traffic Lights that are used to control when a car can exit the assigned AI Traffic Waypoint Route.

Select Tools > Simple Traffic System > STS Tools Window from the Unity menu bar to open the Simple Traffic System Tools window. This window contains a variety of editor tools that can be used to help create your simulation. Many of the functions these tools provide can also be manually configured.

To begin, add an AI Traffic Controller to the scene, then add an AI Traffic Waypoint Route to the scene using the Spawn buttons in STS Tools window. Next, add AI Traffic Waypoints to the route by selecting the AI Traffic Waypoint Route that was created in the Hierarchy and using Shift+LeftClick to add new points to the route. You can use Shift+Ctrl+LeftClick to insert a new waypoint between points.

Once you’ve created your first route with some waypoints, assign an AI Traffic Car prefab to the Spawn Traffic Vehicles array on the AI Traffic Waypoint Route. Select the AI Traffic Waypoints to view their inspector options, here you can set how fast the car is allowed to drive after reaching each point to make the car speed up or slow down. Press play to watch the AI car spawn onto the route, drive to the end and stop. From here, you can continue adding more AI Traffic Waypoint Routes, and interconnect the routes by assigning the New Route Point array index on the final waypoint of a route to the first waypoint of another route.

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