Yield Triggers

*Attaching to a route requires the route to have a traffic light controlling it.

Allows a box collider to be used as a trigger zone that detect vehicles in or approaching an intersection from a waypoint route. Any waypoint can be setup to yield while this trigger is active. This is useful if a route intersects with another route when traffic signal lights are not used, a good example is intersection turning lanes. Select Load Routes to load all routes from the scene into the editor. Use the scene view handle to select a “R” handle button located above the final route point to select a route for editing. Select the “WP” handle button above the route waypoints to configure the waypoint to yield for a yield trigger. Select the “Y” handle button above the final waypoint on the route yield triggers are connected to. Select an AITrafficWaypointRoute from the scene and Shit + Right click in the scene view to auto spawn and assign the trigger to the route’s AITrafficWaypointRouteInfo script.

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