Project Setup

STS is an AI car and waypoint system, with editor helper tools that allow for quick creation of waypoint based routes that can be interconnected to create road networks in your scenes.

The primary logic is handled by a single AI Traffic Controller that AI Traffic Cars register to, it uses the C# Job System and Burst Compiler to spread processing to across all available CPU cores, reducing usage on the main thread, allowing you to use more of your performance budget for other content.

After project setup, it’s recommended to watch and follow all video tutorials so you will have a good idea how to use the various systems included with STS before starting to configure your own road network.

Project Player Settings -- Edit - Project Settings - Player

  • API Compatibility Level .Net 4.x

Package Requirements -- packages are auto installed on import

  • Burst

  • Collections

Using Burst in a build is slightly different for various development platforms and build targets.

  1. To use the burst compiler in standalone builds on Windows, install the Windows SDK and VC++ toolkit from the Visual Studio Installer; they're currently included when installing the Desktop development with C++ workload.

  2. If you are on a different platform, build target, or would like to learn more, please reference the Official Burst Build Guide from Unity Documentation for more details on your platform and build target.

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